Snow and Ice Warning

With the storm force winds of this morning moving away from Tayside and work ongoing to open up all affected roads on the region’s network, Police Scotland is urging motorists to drive with the utmost care as temperatures drop below freezing as the day goes on and into the night.

Snow has already been blowing through Angus, Dundee and Perth and Kinross and the Tayside Resilience Partnership, which was convened early this morning to manage the multi agency response to any related issues, is warning drivers that road and weather conditions could continue to be challenging for anyone out on the road.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning for ice for Tayside and other parts of Scotland as falling temperatures meet wet ground. There is also the potential for up to 10cm of snow on high ground, such as North Angus and North West Perthshire, and accumulations of about 5cm at lower levels.

Wherever possible, drivers are advised to stick to main routes and should reduce their speed. They must also adapt their driving to suit the conditions around them and be considerate to other people on the road.

Police Scotland will take appropriate action against anyone who is detected driving without due care and attention for other road users.

The Tay Road Bridge is now open to all vehicles, with the exception of double decker buses. It had been closed earlier today during which time a wind speed of 102 mph was recorded on the bridge.

A speed of 82 mph was also recorded at Strathallan.

As of 2pm, work was continuing to recover a stricken lorry that had overturned on the Friarton Bridge. It is now open to northbound cars and vans only with all other traffic currently being diverted through Perth.

The offside southbound lane opened to cars and vans at 2.15pm, as work continues to recover the lorry.

This had resulted in significant congestion in the area throughout the day. Tayside Resilience Partnership would like to assure people that the matter is being dealt with as promptly as possible and it is anticipate that the traffic should ease by 5pm. In the meantime, people should avoid the area if at all possible.

Police Scotland continues to advise people that if they are travelling to do so with the utmost care.

Work is ongoing to clear trees and other debris that fell or was blown on to roadways. There have also been reports of some structural damage to buildings due to the high winds. There have been no reports of any injuries.

A number of properties, predominantly in Perthshire but also in Angus, had their electricity supplies interrupted by the weather. Engineers are out in affected areas working to restore power.

For weather and traffic information, members of the public should refer to TV, radio and websites, as well the Met Office alert on its website

Currently closed in Tayside as of 2pm –

A93 Perth to Blairgowrie (Carsie and Meikleour) – fallen trees
M90 Friarton Bridge – high winds/lorry being recovered/Northbound lanes open for cars and vans
A94 Scone to Coupar Angus (Balbeggie and north of Scone) – fallen trees
B9099 Main Road, Stanley – fallen trees
A984 Meikleour to Bendochy – fallen trees
A822 Dundonnachie (Inver) – fallen trees
U108 Welton Road – fallen trees, one lane open
B954 Meigle to Newtyle – fallen trees
C457 Muthill – fallen trees
C411 Roman Road
A93 Scone Palace stables, by Perth
Ward Road, Muthill – fallen trees
U73 Newton of Balcanquhal – fallen trees
C408 Bankfoot to Moneydie – fallen trees
C407 Moneydie – fallen trees
Madderty School Road – fallen trees

Local authority websites carry further useful information in relation to various services and people should also log on to the Safer Scotland Ready For Winter? website on for more valuable information.