Should @WMPolice offer £200 drink drive shopper reward?

Last Night West Midlands Police announced that it was launching a campaign to get members of the public to report there family and friends who are about to drink drink in return for “£200.00 for a successful conviction.

Police will be offering money for those cases in which lead to a drink drive conviction, which police believe will help save life’s.

West Midlands Police will then release all photos of drivers found guilty of drink driving.

Personally at Breaking News we believe the extra added risk to the driver knowing that there friends are being offered £200 and the risk of photos being released will make drivers think twice about drink driver. But it should never have a financial motive.

The campaign sets a trend for the public expecting to receive a payment for information leading to a conviction.

Former Police Officer and best selling Author Mike Pannett has told Breaking News that reporting drink driver to the police should not be a ‘financial motive’ and would further lead to ‘false accusations’.

Saying ” The incentive for the public should be stopping potential killers getting behind the wheel if over the limit in the first place!”

Mike Pannett further added “It could be you or your family who suffer the consequences”

West Midlands Police said about 4,000 drivers were breathalysed last year, with more than 300 prosecuted for failing the test.

People can make reports of suspected drink-drivers anonymously via the Crimestoppers service, the force said.

Insp Greg Jennings said: “We would still urge people to consider the consequences of drink-driving before they get in the car but if people have legitimate concerns about a friend they can call us with locations and details of the vehicle so we can act.”

He said the rewards would be paid from a £10,000 budget set aside for the force’s annual drink-drive campaign.