Police Target underage drinking

Four licenced premises in Whitehaven have been prosecuted after staff sold alcohol to underage youths.

On Friday 13th December officers from Copeland NPT carried out a ‘test-purchasing’ operation in the town. Four premises were visited and all four sold alcohol without checking the age of the individual.

Staff from all four premises were issued with fixed penalty notices for selling alcohol to persons underage

Sergeant Laura Boyd, from Copeland problem solving team, said: “This is concerning, especially in the run up to the festive season when more and more youngsters may be inclined to try and have a night out and purchase drinks in our pubs and clubs.

“The message to licensees and staff is clear. If there is a doubt that someone may look under 25, then identification should be requested. The onus to be vigilant is on you and you risk a hefty fine should you sell to anyone underage.”

This operation comes as part of Copeland Police’s build up by the Festive season which will see extra Police patrolling the town centre, aiming to deter any potential trouble makers and to intervene early in any potential disorder.

Test purchasing operations such as this are part of the ongoing approach to address issues of alcohol related violent crime throughout Copeland