Police Scotland launches crackdown on domestic abuse

Police Scotland launches crackdown on domestic abuse

Published 15:43

Police Scotland today launches a national campaign to target people who commit domestic abuse during the Festive period.

The campaign targets perpetrators with the message Police Scotland does not tolerate domestic abuse – if you do it we will find you.

The Festive campaign is supported by a TV advert which will run from Monday 23rd December.

As part of the crackdown, more than 300 extra officers will take part in a Campaign Against Violence Day of Action on Friday 20th December.

Domestic abuse has no place in modern Scotland and Police Scotland has created Domestic Abuse Investigation Units in all 14 divisions with specialist officers trained to deal with it.

Chief Superintendent John Thomson, of the Licensing and Violence Reduction Division, said: “The number of reports of domestic abuse that we receive over the festive period increases significantly. Over the holiday season alcohol consumption, stress and spending more time together can trigger an increase in incidents of domestic abuse.

20131210-194855.jpg“This is clearly unacceptable and we want to get the message out that if you commit an act of domestic abuse you can expect to be caught and dealt with robustly. We are determined to support the victims of domestic abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“We recognise the harrowing impact domestic abuse has on victims, their families and the wider community. In the past few years we have dedicated significant resources towards tackling domestic abuse – as well as supporting victims, we have placed a much greater emphasis on targeting repeat and serial offenders.”