Police attended Fake hostage incident

Police officers have been dealing with an incident in Gladstone Street in a Stockton, following a call from a man claiming he had taken someone hostage at 2am today, Sunday 1st December.

Police officers have attended an address which was cordoned off, Police began negotiations took place across the night, and ended at 10am.

Police forced entry to the property however no one else was found in the property and no one was injured during the incident.

A 33 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of affray and threats to kill, and will be questioned by police.

A number of social media sites reported that police had ‘warned people’ not to share information with anyone about what was happening however went ahead and published that there was an ongoing hostage situation. Due to the seriousness of the incident they could not reveal further information, going on to publish photos of the address, which could of caused serious concern for anyone on social media finding out that such an incident was taking place an the address that they pictured.

Although Teesside Incidents were aware of the situation we reported very limited information to prevent such incident happening across our social media platform.