Landslide update

EMERGENCY works to stabilise ground after a landslide in Dundee were started today (TUESDAY).

Contractor Dundee Plant was brought in by Dundee City Council to demolish the remains of a damaged retaining wall between tenements in Gardner Street and Lochee Road and make the area safe.

More than 50 households evacuated after the landslide on Monday evening (December 30) have been advised to stay away from their homes until the work is completed.

While roads were initially closed and diversions put in place during the evacuation and assessment stages, all roads are now open and the network will not be affected during the emergency works.

Staff from Dundee City Council’s housing department are contacting residents to keep them up to date and to make arrangements for them to recover essential possessions from their homes while the work goes on.

Police Scotland will work closely with private security officers to ensure that any vacant properties are monitored 24-hours a day for the duration of the emergency works.

Furthermore, Tayside Division requests that anyone who has any questions or concerns contacts the number made available by Dundee City Council.

Anyone with immediate housing needs caused by the landslide can contact the council on Dundee 432001. The line will be staffed 24/7 over the New Year break.