Gary Allan jailed for five and half years

A burglar with a criminal record spanning 20 years has been jailed for five and half years.

At Preston Crown Court on the 4th December, Gary Colin Allan, aged 47, admitted a charge of burglary and theft where cash, cigarettes and jewellery were taken from two homes in Grinsdale and Lismore Place Carlisle in September.

Detective Constable Ian Hodgson who led the investigation against Allan, said he was delighted at the sentence handed down and warned people against committing similar offences.

In a statement issued after the case he said: “The court has once again sent a message that offences such as these will not be tolerated. Criminals who choose to burgle people’s homes can expect Cumbria Police to pursue them and bring them to justice.

“One of the main priorities for Carlisle CID is to reduce the number of dwelling burglaries committed in North Cumbria and by removing the likes of Gary Allan from the streets we go a long way to achieving that objective.”