Do Not face the new year in court

Tonight the emergency services move toward the busiest night of the year. Police Officers will be out in force tonight ensuring everyone remains safe and enjoy themselves.

Police forces across the United Kingdom are warning party goers to know their drinking limits and not to drink so much that they cannot control their actions.

Offenders out to cause trouble will be Arrested, Held in Custody and put before the courts if you break the law tonight.

Extra Police Officers and Special Constables will be on duty across tonight and through the early hours of new years day to make sure trouble is nipped in the bud.

this ensures that party goers will have a safe environment to enjoy the new year festivities.

New Years eve always sees an increased level of communication to the Police Control Rooms and extra communications officers will be working throughout tonight to handle the expected rise in calls, but do not abuse the 999 or 101 number this evening.