Complete Traffic & Breaking News joint announcement

Breaking News is delighted to confirm that we will be working closely with Complete Traffic throughout 2014 to bring our readers Traffic Alerts which will be integrated into our IOS and Android Application.

We are thrilled that we will be pairing with Adam Court from CTN and we look forward to developing a great relationship and most importantly integrating both networks to provide a powerful source of online media that will keep you updated with the latest News, Incidents and Traffic updates.

Adam Court, Founder of CTN said:
“We look forward to working with the team at BN – working together to bring our customers a more diverse service, alongside new avenues in which we can broadcast traffic alerts to an audience, which had previously been out of our reach.”

“We thank everyone for their continuing support, we see this partnership as the next step in making CTN the best independent traffic news organisation.”

More detail on the partnership is due to be released at a later date.