Breaking News Android App out now

We are today delighted to announce the launch of our NEW Android app, Which allows you to keep updated with the Latest Breaking News.

We have established a great relationship with our developers who have supported the development of our FIRST application in to the Google Play Store.

This is a great step forward for ‘Citizen Journalists’ in the UK and allows you to keep updated with the latest developments across breaking policing news.

We don’t report on Incidents happening now which cannot have there truth verified, We Report of Serious Incidents happening now, Verified Incidents across UK, Major Incident updates and information that adds value and insight to the policing Community.

We are often the first to break major news.

Our Fantastic app is free to download and will go live in the APPLE STORE in the next few days, allows you to keep updated with the latest news from around Uk before it hits mainstream news.

Teesside Incidents has quickly grown from 0 followers to 7500 followers in less than six months, The launch of our mobile application shows our commitment to Teesside.

You can download the APP HERE.