Baby Killer William Stephen's has boiling water thrown at him

William Stephen’s from Bristol was jailed last week for killing his own daughter has been attacked in prison.

He was convicted of the manslaughter of his 16 week old baby Paris last week.

At the sentencing of the Stephens the court heard how he had scalding water thrown at his face, when a group of people attacked him in prison.

He was then moved to a sex offenders wing following the attack.

Stephens was jailed for six years for the manslaughter of his defenceless 16 week old Paris.

Learning-impaired Stephens is suggested to have lost control and shaken Paris because she was crying, causing her a fatal brain bleed.

There was a restraining order in place banning him from contact with Paris mum Danah Vince, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Stephens, 25, of Fonthill Road, Southmead, denied manslaughter.

Ignatious Hughes, defending him, said: “Given his limited IQ, his time in prison is likely to be much more difficult than that of somebody with greater faculties.

“He has already had scalding water thrown at his face and a group attack in his cell. As a result he has been moved and is now on a wing reserved for sex offenders.”