Abebolajo defence urges jury to acquit defendants

Michael Adebolajo’s defence counsel, David Gottlieb has told the court that the jury have the choice to acquit the defendants saying “All deaths outside of lawful deaths are cruel, needless and unnecessary.

“Do you think really that this is the cruellest, most sadistic, most callous, most cowardly killing that’s ever occured in our nation’s history? It isn’t.”

Gottlieb went on to ask the jury to consider that the prosecutions was entirely based on a “cowarldy and callous” to “enflame and Distract” the jury from the view that the death.

A death the defence say is nothing more or less than “Murder”, He told jurors that the charge for Adebolajo would have been “treason, terrorism, or maybe manslaughter”.

Gottlieb added in his closing statement “genuinely have a choice” to acquit his client, and that they will be under pressure “from outside, from the mob, from the world, to convict”. He said that the prosecution case “lacks any sense of proportion or of ridiculousness”.