Cleveland Police Accused of Brutality in Online Video

A video has today appeared online accusing Cleveland Police of Police Brutality from an incident which occurred on Stockton High Street on the 1st August. The video appeared on Youtube today.

We waited for an official police response before we released the footage. Which shows the shocking and distressing image of a male police officer laid on the floor.

The video taken from the towns CCTV system, shows an incident which has occurred on Stockton High Street and an number of police officers responding to the incident, as a male police officer is laid on the ground.

Although the Video clearly shows an officer on the ground having suffered what is believed to be an assault.

We must make it clear that incidents involving large groups of police officers were ‘reasonable force’ is required always looks much more serious than they are because of the visual representation of a number off officers arresting one person, Lets remember that this video clearly shows one police officer laid on the floor, with blood dripping down his face.

The video however accuses Cleveland Police of assaulting two members of the public involved in an incident.

Cleveland Police have been reached for comment.