xcercise4less charges customers for no service

Xcercise4less is opening tomorrow on Durham Road in Stockton, Billed as one of the largest gyms in the area with 400 pieces of high spec resistance and cardiovascular equipment, A team of friendly Personal Trainers, Ladies Only gym area, A fitness studio hosting over 40 free classes each week, Boxing Ring and Combat Zone, Functional training equipment and Spin studio.

But angry customers have contacted Teesside Incidents reporting that they have already been billed there £21.99 for a service they cannot use, customers are charged monthly via direct debit meaning they will now make a loss because they gym has billed them upto a week early.

One customer told Teesside Incidents that she called the gym to see why the payment had gone early and if she would be refunded or her billing date moved to allow for the extra week that she’d be paying, she claims she was told to use another gym in the meantime.

We contacted Xcercise4less in the hope of finding out if it was something that would be resolved upon the gym opening, to try and resolve the matter for our grieved readers, We were advised that they should contact the branch that charged them and contact them directly because it was ‘not there problem’

We further advised xcercise4less that customers had expressed issues with their gym and not another, Xcercise4less ended the call without an explanation to the matter, which tonight could have resolved a lot of complaints.

It doesn’t seem a good response from a company that is trying to sell a ‘friendly’ team.