X Royal Navy submariner cut his wife's neck with a box knife

124661-quality-police-close-up-generic-of-officers-jacket has been detained in a high-security psychiatric hospital.

John Hills wounded his partner with a box cutting knife after grabbing her and telling her: “I know what you are doing.”

Wife Karen, 47, had become concerned about his behaviour in the lead up to the attack as he spoke about rumours being spread about him and a conspiracy against him.

The 48-year-old then attacked her with the box knife at their home in the village of Corsock, in Kirkcudbrightshire (Scottish borders).

He repeatedly asked her: “Why are you doing it?” before striking her with the knife. She managed to break free, grabbed a towel to staunch the flow of blood and fled to a neighbour’s home for safety.

After she was taken to hospital she was found to have two deep wounds to her neck, measuring about 8cm.

Mr Hills was seen by a doctor he then claimed he and his wife had been “having problems” and that he suspected her of being involved in a conspiracy at home and his place of work. He admitted to police that he used the knife to deliberately harm his wife by cutting her twice on the throat and then using the weapon on himself.