Police Officer Charged Over #Plebgate

CPS has announced there is insufficient to bring charges against five police officers who were accused of conspiring to set up Andrew Mitchell.

One officer however has been charged with one count of misconduct, PC Keith Wallis will now face a jury after it is alleged he falsely claimed to have witnessed an incident and then arranged for his nephew to support his false claims.

The Police federation has commented saying ““We note the charge announced today by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and await the outcome of the matter once the full criminal justice process has been completed.

“We welcome the decision by the CPS that there was insufficient evidence to show that the officer at the gate lied in his account and that there was insufficient evidence to show that Mr Mitchell was the victim of a conspiracy of misinformation.

“We have always been concerned by the selected information that has been put into the public domain and it is noteworthy that the CPS came to its conclusions after reviewing all the evidence, including unedited CCTV footage from Downing Street.”