#plebgate two cops accused of 'obstructing the truth'

The two police officers at the centre of a political storm the ‘plebgate’ scandal have been recalled, accused of misleading parliament.

The two representatives from the Police Federation Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton and Sergeant Chris Jones who gave evidence to the parliamentary committee last month have been recalled to appear before MPs on Tuesday.

It’s believe they will be forced to say sorry or face disciplinary action.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton is accused of misleading parliament by use of his reference to “this woman that the conservative party have” was just a typo.

Detective Sergeant Hinton later accepted that this woman meaning Home Secretary Theresa May.

Sergeant Chris Jones has even recalled after it is accused he failed to give a full account of his disciplinary record.

They are both accused of “obstructing the truth” meaning a fresh prob has been launched requiring them to attend the Commons Home Affairs Committee.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has today announced it is reopen its own investigation into the officers behaviour after now admitting “procedural irregularities” with how the investigation dealt with.