Malaysian, Irish & British woman kept as slaves.

Two women have been arrested as part of an investigation into slavery and domestic servitude following a house within London.

Police have confirmed one of the three women has been held against her will for 30 years.

The three women were found at a house in Lambeth, South London.

It is believed the woman contacted the Freedom Charity following seeing a news report on sky news about forced marriages.

Police have said that one of the victims of the forced Slavery served her life since being born as a slave.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland from the Metropolitans Police’s human trafficking unit has admitted they have never seen anything of this “magnitude”.

Police have confirmed that two people have been arrested both are aged 67, they are not British, both are currently being question at a South London Police Station.

The three victims one aged 69-year-old is believed to be Malaysian, the second is a 57-year-old Irish woman and the youngest believed to have been a slave her entire life is aged 30 and is British.

All women are believed to be highly traumatised.