Horrified Shoppers Man slashed himself in supermarket

SHOCKED shoppers looked on in horror as a man slashed himself in a busy supermarket.

Asda Hartlepool has tonight been subject to a shocking and disturbing incident, as a man walked to to the supermarket which was busy at the time and slashed himself

Shoppers told Teesside Incidents that puddles of blood could be seen throughout the store from the trolleys out side the store right to George at the back on the store.

A police cordon was put in place to keep shoppers back.

Police immediately responded to a 999 call if a man trying to self-harm within the store, police arrived and found the make outside the store.

He was rushed to James Cook University Hospital after he receiving injuries to his legs.

The store was not immediately closed and shoppers were allowed to stay inside while the incident was ongoing to the horror of shoppers.

It’s believe customers were allowed to carry on their shopping with certain parts of the store closed.

Harltlepool CID and forensic investigators are now investigating the incident.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman told the Mail: “We were called at 3.54pm on Wednesday after receiving reports of a male who had self-harmed in Asda.

“Police didn’t arrest the man but transferred him straight to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, for his own safety.”

A spokeswoman for Asda confirmed there had been an incident on Wednesday and said the store is supporting police with their investigations.

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