Georgina Anderson Christmas Number 1

A campaign has kick started in Teesside to get the Beautifully Talented Georgina Anderson who sadly passed away yesterday to Number one this Christmas.

It was Georgina dream to have her song heard 100,000 times, Teesside Incidents helped the song become heard 70,000 times.

Following Georgina Death yesterday lanterns were set off a various locations across teesside to celebrate the 15 year olds life.

Now her dream has exceeded her expectations, the day before Georgina Anderson died her father told her they were releasing a single, the next morning Georgina Sadly passed away.

On the day of her death her father went ahead and uploaded her song and now that song could be number one.

Her fans included Cheryl Cole, James Arthur, Abi Alton and following her death like a true artists she had suddenly become famous.

The likes of Simon Cowell are now among her fans and supporting her along to become number one.

Please click here to download all proceeds are being donated to the teenage cancer trust.

RIP Georgina Anderson.