Are Cleveland Police doing enough to tackle ASB?

Yesterday Jacqui Cheer Chief Constable of Cleveland Police announced that she is calling for a local debate needed about issues of anti social behaviour.

Telling Teesside residents that they should more tolerant after the force control room receives 25,000 phone calls in the last six months about the issue.

Although rightly the issue of Anti Social Behaviour is a strong one across Teesside, Many of our readers have contacted us with incidents of Anti Social behaviour, Sometimes these are often issues of children simply being children.

Jacqui Cheer has called for a more tolerance of young people, but does she understand the issues that effect many thousands of people across Teesside who are victim everyday and subjected to anti social behaviour from people of all age.

Is it a Matter that Cleveland Police are not doing enough considering the control room see repeat callers phoning police daily to report the same and recurring issue or is it the a matter that adults see a group of children and decide to phone the police.

The hands of police officers are tied because Anti Social Behaviour in itself is just a label apply to an none criminal offence that law allows police to do very little about, They can actually only do something when an offence has been committed and even then do we want to be arresting our children and criminalising there futures and chances in college, university and future years because they have a criminal offence for doing things most adults did when they were growing up.