Anne Barnes PCC Supports #DontDitchTheDogs

Anne Barnes the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Police has told Breaking News that Kent Police Dog Units will face no cuts until 2015 at the earliest following our tweetathaon #DontDitchTheDogs

Anne told Breaking News “In Kent Tactical Operations including the dog units have already undergone a review, no more cuts will be made until 2015 at the earliest.”

West Yorkshire Police have seen around a 40% reduction in police dogs! South Yorkshire Police are looking to reduce very shortly by up to 50% with the reduction of 15-20 handlers. While North Wales Police further plan a 25% cut.

Greater Manchester Police in recent years have lost dozens of handlers & dogs! Reduction! Avon and Somerset Police and Essex Police are looking to massively reduce & handlers forced to apply for own jobs.

While Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire police have already seen 20 – 40% reductions. West Midlands Police recently lost 6 handlers this year, due to a recent merge. Many counties unable to provide 24 hr cover! Some handlers covering 2 counties! Handlers Who are single crewed driving 50-60 miles + to calls! Driving upwards of 200 miles on a night duty single crewed! Time for ACPO to step up.

Within seconds of the clock striking 8pm #DontDitchTheDogs was trending on twitter and continues to trend over an hour later.

Headed up by @Das_Beard @MikePannett @ConstableChaos @KatieMagnet @30onfrontline @kenworthy39 and of course @bnpolice we managed to raise awareness of the planned cuts to our front line policing.