68 year old disabled man attacks police with walking sticks and threatened to shoot them

A disabled man has. Today appeared at Darlington Magistrates court, following attacking two police officers with his walking sticks and then went on to threaten to shoot the officers.

The pensioner Frederick Moore 68 admitted he lost his temper, following the assault on two British Transport Police at his property in Lawson Street, Darlington after he was wanted to questioning following an assault which occurred in Blackpool.

It he was accused of running his wheelchair at a ticket inspector upon being requested to present his travel ticket on a train.

The officers spoke to Moore regarding the alleged incident to which he became ‘aggressive’ telling officers to ‘clear off’ he went on to tell the two police officers that he’d ‘split their heads two’ and that he’d get his ‘gun and shoot them’.

It’s the. Alleged that that he whacked one of the officers with his walking stick in the chest and hurled a blow off the other officer’.

Moore was given a 12-month conditional discharge and order to pay £50 compensation and £100 costs.