Bradley Lowery aged 2 fights for his life

A Two year old bot called Bradley from Blackhall Colliery has been rushed to hospital.

Bradley suffers stage 4 neuroblastma and tonight took a turn for the worst when he was rushed to intensive care.

Bradley has developed a condition we’re be is bleeding out of his lungs, the blood has blocked a tube which is helping him breath.

Doctors have changed his ventalater & literally paralysed him so the machine is doing all his breathing for him. The doctors have said he is not stable.

A spokesperson has said “Bradley has taking a turn for the worst. He has been bleeding out of his lungs which blocked the tube that was helping him breath. They have change the ventilator and totally paralysed him so the machine in now doing all of his breathing for him. The doctors have told us he is critical and he is not stable so please please please use every thought and pray in your head to help my little superstar pull through.”

to support Bradley Lowery please Like there facebook page. To make a donation to Bradley Fight please click here.

Everyone at Teesside Incidents send our wishes to the family at this difficult time.