TATA Steel Could Cut 500 Teesside Jobs

Teesside Company Tata steel have announced they are to cut 500 jobs and these could be at the Teesside site.

The company has sighted weak demand for the cuts to jobs which will effect Teesside, Scunthorpe and Wokington.

Tata Steel Staff have reacted to the news telling Teesside Incidents That “staff had heard nothing, the unions haven’t informed them of a thing” Another staff member told Teesside Incidents “I’m employed by Tata Steel in Teesside and haven’t heard a thing”.

All staff at the three sites are at risk of redundancy with 500 staff to go across all three names sites.

Teesside Incidents is hoping this fresh blow for Teesside with not take the blow of all three Tata Steel Sites announced for cut backs.