#plebgate police should not say sorry

Andrew Mitchell has caused such an unnecessary media storm that has long been running because of his foul mouthed rant at officers.

Whether the word pleb was misheard or not Andrew Mitchell was known to use this around Westminster and Admitted shouting foul words at Police Officers which he has still failed to give his apology for.

After all police officers can only record what they believe they heard, and we can see no apparent reason as to why in this quick unexpected exchange why the police accuse Mitchell of a such uncommon word, knowing of a pending media storm and potential high risk of losing their job and face criminal actions, which is made clear to anyone making a police note book entry or police statement.

Mitchell knew he was in the wrong, Why else would he have resigned his position as a senior government chief whip, why would a Police Officer want to set up a member of the government.

Now the Government is ganging up against Three Police Officers and Three Chief Officers for an apology that Mitchell does not deserve.

Mitchell has used his political influence to spin the situation out of control, At the end of the day he caused such a media storm by not getting off his bicycle and using another gate because police officers were unable for reasons unknown to us use open the main gate of downing street, which considering it was Downing Street this would have been security reasons.

Because Mitchell did not get his own way the situation has been turned on its head in an attempt to cast a dark shadow over the integrity of british policing.

Why should Three Police Fed reps be forced to say sorry and why should now three chief constables be forced to do so, because the government this the police are wrong.

What about the damage government have done to policing? we still await that apology that will never come.