#plebgate let's refresh on what it is!

The Plebgate scandal is still causing fractions within the British government and British policing. The incident which is overly concerned with an altercation between Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell whom at the time was a Government Chief Whip and the Police.

The incident which occurred on the 19th September 2012 is still raging on over one year later.

The story become big headline news due to the actions of the initial conduct of Mitchell, he resigned from his post about the time CCTV and other evidence was made public.

However in the defence of the police eyewitnesses have backed up the evidence of police officer that Mitchell had indeed sworn at the Police Officers at their Downing Street post and called them “plebs” which infact means someone of a low social class. It’s believed he called the officers Plebs after they refused to open the main gates of Downing Street so he could leave on his bicycle.

Although Mitchell had apologised to the police officers in question he denied using the word pleb brining the integrity of the police and the evidence of the police in to question.

However in December 2012 CCTV evidence which emerged and was released to the media cast a shadow of doubt of the polices version of events mainly identifying there was no eye witnesses. Later the eye witness account of the member of public actually turned out to be a serving police officer who was not at the scene of the incident at all who admitted sending the email showing false support for the incidents.

Promoting the metropolitan police to launch an investigation called Operation Alice. The operation revealed on 24 March 2014 that ten police officers and one civilian are suspected in the involvement of the incident.

A separate investigation into three Police Federation Officers Ken Mackaill, Chris Jones & Stuart Hinton are to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

By April 2013 Operation Alice was investigating if the officers had framed a serving member of the cabinet.