PD Spider and PC Sewell 100 arrests in 12 months.

PC Liam Sewell, who has been a police officer for eleven years, and police dog Spider, reached the milestone in mid October.

Spider, a five-year-old German Shepherd, came to the force from North Yorkshire Police and has worked with PC Sewell ever since his arrival.

Along with tracking down suspects, Spider is often needed to track for missing people, clothing or other items which need to be traced. He can also be called upon if needed at incidents where firearms or other weapons are believed to be involved.

In October 2012, Spider and PC Sewell were called to assist officers searching for a man who had assaulted a taxi driver and robbed him at knife point in Middlesbrough. Liam Bishop made off from police following the incident in Beechwood and was tracked down and arrested by Spider and PC Sewell. Bishop was later sentenced to seven years imprisonment at Teesside Crown Court.

PC Sewell and Spider attended a report of two men disturbed cutting cable at the North Tees Terminal in Port Clarence in November last year. They arrived at the scene some 45 minutes after the suspects had made off from security on site. Spider was tasked to track for the suspects and he took PC Sewell through the site, tracking for approximately one-and-a-half miles. He then found the two men hiding under a pipe in a culvert. Spider detained one of the men and the other then duly gave himself up.

Inspector Mick Jackson said: “I am extremely pleased with the amazing contribution that both Spider and PC Sewell have made towards policing in the last twelve months. They are an excellent team and have shown great dedication and enthusiasm in their roles.”

PC Liam Sewell said: “I really enjoy working with Spider. He is like part of the family. He’s a very courageous dog that has a great drive to come to work. He has never let me down and we have developed a really good bond.”