No Arrest over facebook taxi claims

Cleveland Police have announced that no one has been arrested and further more there is no evidence to suggest an offence has took place involving a taxi in the Teesside area.

Allegations of such are very damaging and have very lasting effects on the reputation of a well valued and respected company.

Police released a statement today confirming

“Police recieved a report of an incident involving a local taxi driver.

A number of people have been spoken to, however, at this time, there is no evidence that a criminal offence has taken place.

No one has been arrested and enquiries are ongoing.”

Teesside Incident choose not to report this incident unlike other media originations on Teesside based on the balance of probabilities.

Until such an incident is confirmed by the police we believe it is irresponsible and slanderous to commentate on such a post on Facebook against a company without supporting evidence and giving such a post further spotlight and promotion across the internet and potentially in-hinge policing investigations.

It is our interpretation of this statement that this is a “Hoax” however police are continuing investigations in to this as they are required to do so by law when a report is made to the police.

Teesside Incidents understands that the company involved that we have decided not to mention has suffered financial loss due to these malicious reports on social media originations going to the extent of naming the company in question and the circulating post.