Fireworks and the Law!

It is getting to that time of the year when we are starting to hear more and more complaints about Fireworks and youths gathering and setting them off.

In reality its an issue that because a headache for local policing teams, because by the time police officers are alerted and dealt with incoming emergencies in-between the fireworks are all spent and the youths are on a different Estate.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possession, own or purchase fire works.

Its also against the law to set fireworks off between the hours of 11pm to 7am expect on bonfire night and new years eve when law states we can set out fireworks off until 1am.

Its also illegal to throw a firework whether it is aimed at a person/property or not.

If you have problems with fireworks in to the run up to bonfire night or anti-social behaviour that comes with the fireworks Make sure you contact the Cleveland Police control room on the non-emergency number 101.