Armed Robber Pyjama Bottoms Giveaway

violent armed robbers were caught out after one of the gang members posed for photographs, stupidly wearing the exact same pair the thug had worn in an armed robbery captured CCTV.  They must have been his favorite pair of cartoon pyjama bottoms.

The gang who targeted newsagents in Kent and Sussex also stupidly created a Blackberry Messenger group named Armed Robbers and started uploading pictures to it, one which included one gang member wearing balaclava and posing with the handgun used in the robberies.

Gang members who left a traceable trail of evidence for detectives  Terry Sullivan, 24, Thomas Balderston, 24, and Christopher Heath, 31, all of Ernest Road, Chatham, and Christopher Aldred, 23, of Kellaway Road, Chatham, have all been convicted at Maidstone Crown Court.

The gang of men terrified staff at newsagents by wearing balaclavas and brandishing knives and handgun in order to steal money, cigarettes, scratch cards and stamps,

Detectives swooped on Sullivan’s home and after examining one of his mobile phones, officers found images of him posing in the same bright blue pyjama bottoms, covered with pictures of cartoon sheep, which had been worn by a suspect in one of the robberies.